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BrandonBarash: If this is what heaven looks like, I must be dead. @teenystweeting #harperrosebarash #imshamelesslycheesy

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We don’t think Will needs to practice anymore. He’s got it. 

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@achando: FINALLY made it down to Atlanta to visit this guy… @zach_roerig 


jasam thirty day challenge: day four → favorite jealousy scene

Sam: Jason, didn’t you agree that we should go our separate ways? Didn’t you say that you had nothing to offer me and I’d only get hurt in the end?
Jason: Yeah.
Sam. Yeah. So then what are you doing here?

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Kelly Monaco x Steve Burton

- [SID 2005]

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“It doesn’t matter because whatever happens tonight or tomorrow, or the next day, we will go down fighting. You and me. Together.”

          “You deny it all you want. You know I’m right. You and me… we’re everything.”

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RIP The Lying Game (2011-2013)

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GH cast throughout the Emmys.